Police violence that cannot be hidden on social media!

The video of a police constable assaulting two youths on a motorcycle in the Eravur area in Batticaloa has been circulating on social media since the 23rd of this month.

Following the social media revelations about this police constable who had inhumanly assaulted the youth in public, the Police Department had to arrest him.

Despite the arrests and suspensions, police violence has not stopped. But with the advancement of social media today, not only police officers but the entire state as well as the private sector need to think twice before doing anything. It’s about remembering that if you make a mistake, it has the potential to come out on social media.

It is a well known fact that public attitudes towards the police are not good due to the increase in police violence. The main reason for this is that they abuse their power.

However, Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera has ordered the IGP to arrest the police officer and suspend him in connection with the Eravur incident.

However, he had recently stated that if the allegations leveled against the police officers were not heard within six months, a system would be set up to automatically dismiss the allegations. This has been criticized by many human rights activists and civil society.

However, it has long been alleged that people in the North are more prone to police violence than in the South.

Meanwhile, a Sub Inspector of Police had shot into the air while a group of Kadawatha Police officers were on their way to control a clash between the two parties recently. Although he managed to control the situation by firing into the air according to the law, a special police investigation has been launched into the fact that there is no record in the police book that he used his firearm.

The police media spokesman had also confirmed this yesterday (24).



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