Police officer who assaulted youths in public caught on camera!

A video of two young men in the Eastern Province being brutally assaulted by a uniformed police officer is rapidly circulating on social media.

The attack was carried out by a traffic police constable bearing the number 61169 in Eravur town on Friday evening, October 22.

The two youths were on their way to a restaurant in the city on a motorbike for dinner and they had been riding the motorcycle despite the police officer’s order to stop the motorcycle.

The video shows a police officer following them, scolding the two youths with obscene language and beating them with his hands, feet and elbows.

The young man who was riding the motorbike was seen holding his ear and crying after the policeman took off his helmet and punched him at his ear.  The youth who was riding the motorcycle has been arrested by the police.

The Sri Lankan Police continues to be accused of torturing people while arresting them, as well as in police custody.


The relevant video is below.


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