Women Arrested for Serving Porridge, Defying Court Order

In a shocking turn of events, two women were arrested by the Sampur police in Trincomalee’s Sampur area for the act of serving Mullivaikalkanji, a traditional porridge, defying a court order.

The Muthur Magistrate had issued a strict ban on the distribution of food, including porridge, and prohibited public gatherings in places like schools and temples. Despite this, the women decided to continue their charitable act of serving porridge to those in need.

The police, acting on the court order, visited the homes of the women late at night. They not only arrested them but also allegedly threatened their families before taking them to the police station.

This incident has sparked outrage among locals, who see serving porridge as a simple act of kindness. Many are questioning the harshness of the authorities’ actions, especially considering the challenging times faced by many in the community.

The arrested women are now awaiting further legal proceedings, while the incident has brought attention to the delicate balance between law enforcement and humanitarian efforts in the area.


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