Three Children Allegedly Brutally Beaten by Police in Wijayakatupotha

Three children in Wijayakatupotha village were allegedly subjected to excessive corporal punishment while in police custody, according to reports. The children were apprehended by officers from the Arachchikattuwa Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with a reported theft.

The allegations detail that the children were not only beaten but also stripped naked and filmed during their detention. The parents, upon consulting with a lawyer, filed a complaint with the Child Protection Authority and notified the Halawatha Division Children and Women’s Bureau.

The children were granted bail after a lawyer representing them informed the magistrate about the alleged assault. They were then admitted to Halawata General Hospital for medical examination.

Disturbingly, the parents reported that a special investigation scheduled for May 12th at the Halawata Division Children and Women’s Bureau did not take place. The children were initially arrested on May 7th and presented before the Halawatha Magistrate’s Court on May 9th.

This incident raises serious concerns about police brutality and the treatment of minors in Sri Lanka.

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