Chisel Worker Injured After Altercation in Adamban Mosque Area



A chisel worker was hurt in a dispute at the Adamban Mosque in the Bitti Neduvarambu neighborhood. The incident led to the worker being taken to Mannar District General Hospital for care.

The police stopped the worker while he was working in the area and asked him questions. They were looking into claims that he was involved in selling wild meat.

Later, there was an argument between the worker and someone else about the investigation. The other person told the police, who then searched the worker’s home. They found a bottle of palm wine there.

During an attempt to arrest the worker, a verbal fight broke out, resulting in the worker getting injured. He said he was attacked with handcuffs and accused of something he didn’t do.

The police deny attacking the worker and say he was drunk and tried to harm someone. The injured worker is being treated at Mannar Hospital.

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