Twists of Justice: Acquittal and Reduced Sentences in Kandaketiya Sadun Malinga Murder Case

The life of a seemingly insignificant 17-year-old youth named Sandun Malinga from Meegaskiwula in the Badulla District took a tragic turn. His value as a person appeared to hold little weight to the group of five police officers and a civil defense officer who subjected him to a fatal beating on a dark night in May 2014. However, a rare instance of justice prevailed when the six officers from Kandeketiya Police station, responsible for assaulting Sandun and four others, were held accountable and sentenced to death by the Badulla High Court in 2017.

In an unexpected turn of events, the individuals convicted in the Kandaketiya Sadun Malinga murder case have now been acquitted of their charges. Additionally, the sentence for Sub Inspector Somaratne has been revised to a 7-year term.

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