SDIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku charged with assaulting a civilian

Sabaragamuwa Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku has been charged with assaulting a civilian. A special investigation has been launched into Sabaragamuwa Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku who is accused of inhumanely assaulting a civilian on the Ratnapura – Kiriella road on the 25th at noon, said SSP Nihal Thalduwa yesterday (26).

Accordingly, steps have been taken to transfer him with immediate effect to the Police Medical and Welfare Unit at the Police Field Force Headquarters. Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the Kalutara District K.S. P. M. Gunaratne has been appointed and the IGP has taken this decision on the instructions of the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Defense.

The Police Media Spokesman has stated that he does not approve of the conduct of Mr. Ranmal Kodithuwakku and that it is a serious blow to the reputation of the police.

Meanwhile, the Divaina newspaper had reported as follows regarding the conduct of Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku.

When inquired by ‘Divaina’ regarding this incident, Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku said that when he tried to arrest the drunk driver for violating the traffic rules, he had insulted the police officers as well as the police department.

Kodithuwakku said the man was arrested on charges of obstruction of duty, traffic violations and drunk driving.

Ranmal Kodithuwakku further stated that he had to use minimal force to control the suspect as he had behaved in a riotous manner when he tried to arrest him.

It was reported on social networking sites, videos and in newspapers that Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku had brutally assaulted the driver of a car while driving under the influence of alcohol. (Excerpt complete)


The video of the attack is attached to the link 

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