Is the increase in police violence due to drug use by police officers?

Today (01) it was reported in the media that 37 police officers who are addicted to drugs are on active duty in the Western Province.

This was revealed by a survey conducted by the Police Headquarters. According to the report, 28 officers who are addicted to drugs are on duty in the Colombo Police Division.

A special investigation has been launched to find police officers in other provinces who are addicted to drugs and the police have taken steps to identify all police officers who are addicted to drugs, and arrangements have been made for them to be referred for rehabilitation after being subjected to a scientific examination said Senior DIG in charge of the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon. The Senior DIG further stated that it is a serious matter for such officers to perform their duties in the Police Department.

Police officers addicted to drugs have been working in the police department for a long time. We have heard about the various inhumane acts committed by these officers in the police using drugs. Investigations into the physical and mental torture of the suspects arrested by the police often revealed that the officer had used any drugs at the time.

A woman who goes to the police station, to file a complaint, to place a suspect on police bail,   has to be subjected to violence, especially by police officers who use this drug. Today’s police officers are not only addicted to drugs but also sell drugs while on duty.

Recently, a Welikada police officer had sold a drug called ice. In addition, several officers of the Police Narcotics Bureau were also arrested in the recent past for being involved in drug trafficking.

Another example is the recent attack on a youth in the early hours of the morning in the Yakkamulla area and the attempt by a senior DIG to assault a businessman on the Ratnapura-Kiriella main road. It is a fact that senior police officers in the Police Department are aware that there are many such undisclosed officers in the Police Department.

It is a good sign that even now the top police chiefs are realizing that their behavior has led to an increase in police violence and their drug use as well as making the police a corrupt place.

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