BASL reveals attempts were taken to stop Police killing suspect in custody

Prior information had been received that attempts are underway to kill Hewalunuwilage Lasantha alias ‘Tinkar Lasantha’ while in Police custody, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) revealed today.

Lasantha, who is the chief suspect wanted over the murder of underworld figure ‘Sunshine Suddha’ was killed in a shootout with the Police this morning while being escorted to recover hidden weapons.

Issuing a statement, the BASL said the President of the Association had informed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) via email and text message in this regard, and yet the shootout had taken place.

Stating that once again, the Sri Lanka Police is involved in an incident that has the hallmarks of extrajudicial killing, the BASL said the killing comes at a time that Sri Lanka’s human rights record is under scrutiny and there are threats of consequences to the country and its economy.

The BASL further called on the IGP to explain his failure to protect the suspect who was in police custody.

Meanwhile, journalist Uvindu Kurukulasuriya had also earlier indirectly highlighted that there were attempts to kill ‘Tinkar Lasantha’.

In a post shared on social media, the journalist had claimed that the Kalutara Anti- Vice Squad was attempting to take a youth from Matara who was under the custody of the Police to recover hidden weapons.


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