Another death at Peliyagoda police station!

The deceased is a 43 year old mother of two children who residing at Gemunu Mawatha, Peliyagoda. Peliyagoda Police arrested five persons including this woman when they have summoned to the police in connection with a clash between the two groups.

Her relatives allege that she died because no action was taken to admit her to a hospital or give to necessary treatments even her relatives informed the police that she was a sick woman.

Her daughter says her mother, who was in custody, screamed that she was having chest pains, but police ignored her. She said that his mother had suddenly fallen to the ground and died. Such a situation would not have arisen if the police had concerns on her mother’s medical condition.

Recently, the Supreme Court had ordered the government to pay one million rupees as compensation to the wife of Chadik Sharmen who arrested by the Peliyagoda Police and died in police custody in 2017.


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