Uspatabendige Buddhi Iwantha Gunasekera vs. . Sub Inspector Athukorala and others SC /FR 126 / 2008 SC /FR 126 / 2008

At the Police Station the 2nd Respondent had grabbed the 1st Petitioner by his hair and assaulted him asking in sinhala ‘badu deepan’. Thereafter the 2nd Respondent who was wearing shoes, had pulled the 1st Petitioner on to the ground and trampled the 1st Petitioner whilst kicking him. At that time, the 2nd Respondent had received a telephone call and had ordered the 1st Respondent to move the 1st Petitioner out of the room. Upon the said directions, the 1st Respondent had taken the 1st Petitioner to the Crime Division and had assaulted him again.

”Accordingly, I make order that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Respondents shall pay a sum of Rs. 300,000/= (Rs. 100,000/- per each) as compensation  and a sum of Rs 75,000/= (25,000 per each) as costs to the 1st Petitioner”.

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