Two Former Police Officers Sentenced to Death for 2005 Custodial Death in Peliyagoda

In a landmark verdict, the Colombo High Court has sentenced two former police officers, a Sub-Inspector, and a Police Constable attached to Peliyagoda Police Station, to death for their involvement in the brutal assault and subsequent death of a 52-year-old suspect while in custody in 2005.

The trial, which spanned over 18 years, concluded today as Colombo High Court Judge Navaratne Marasinghe delivered the judgment. The victim, a person suspected of stealing a mobile phone from the residence of a police officer, was unlawfully detained and subjected to severe physical abuse at the Peliyagoda Police Station.

The court found the two former officers guilty of the heinous crime, emphasizing their responsibility in the custodial death. In addition to the death sentences, the convicted officers were ordered to pay a compensation of Rs. 1 million each to the victim’s daughter, seeking to provide some measure of reparation for the tragic incident.

This case has been a long-standing symbol of delayed justice, reflecting the challenges in the legal system. The verdict sends a strong message about the importance of accountability within law enforcement agencies and the commitment to upholding justice, even in cases where it takes years for the truth to emerge.

In a surprising turn of events, the Colombo High Court also ordered the acquittal of the second and third defendants in the case, adding a layer of complexity to the legal proceedings. The reasons for their acquittal were not immediately available, leaving room for speculation and further inquiry.

The sentencing of the two former police officers is expected to spark discussions about the need for reforms within the law enforcement system to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure timely and transparent justice. As this chapter of the Peliyagoda custodial death case concludes, attention will now turn to the broader implications and potential reforms within the Sri Lankan legal and policing systems.

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