Thihagoda Police shot a 15 year old child

On October 28, 15-year-old Harshaka Deshan was shot in the head by a Thihagoda police officer, and now Harshaka is disabled.

That is, when he and his friends were going in a three-wheeler to collect the peacock feathers needed for the Kavadi dance for Katina Pinkama at Midellawala temple, another three-wheeler came and stopped the vehicle they were traveling in. It was by police officers who were dressed in civilian clothes and uniforms. Then the police officers who came near Harshaka’s three-wheeler and asked him, “Are you a thug?”.Just then, a police officer took a pistol and shot him near his ear. After that, Harshaka had fallen unconscious and the police officers had fled. Harshaka’s friends say that the police officers were drunk on this occasion.

Later, the doctors had to perform 04 surgeries to save his life, who was admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital.

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