The case of Amal Sudath Silva vs Kodithuwakku, inspector of police and Others S.C. APPLICATION No. 186/86.

The petitioner pleads that he was arrested by the police on 9.10.1 386 on suspicion of having committed theft of side mirrors
from several motor vehicles. He was thereafter taken to the Panadura police station in custody for 5 nights without being produced
before a Magistrate During this period of 5 days he states he was severely beaten up by the 4 respondents with batons and was also
subjected to physical torture by them by being hung to a beam at the police station by his hands tied to a rope and by his penis being
crushed as a result of it being put into a drawer and closed causing him unbearable pain and suffering.>>

The judgement was that In the circumstances of this case I make order directing the State to pay him a some of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees ten thousand) as compensation and a further sum of Rs. 1,000 (Rupees one thousand) as costs of this application. In view of the gravity of this incident I further direct the Inspector-General of Police, who is the 5th respondent to these proceedings, to cause a full inquiry to be made as to who were the officers responsible for inflicting the torture which I have held has been inflicted on the petitioner and to take disciplinary action against such officers.

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