Tamil MP Demands Arrest of Traffic Police Over Motorcyclist’s Death in Jaffna

A Tamil MP has demanded the immediate arrest of two traffic policemen in connection with the death of a motorcyclist in Urumpirai, Jaffna, on May 10.

TNPF’s Selvaraja Kajendran has also accused Chunnakam police of threatening eye witnesses in an attempt to conceal evidence.

The incident involved 41-year-old Selvanayagam Pratheepan, who was returning home after working at his paddy field. He was ordered to stop by two constables attached to Palali police. When Pratheepan did not stop, the officers allegedly ambushed him and kicked his motorcycle, causing it to crash into a concrete electricity post.

Pratheepan sustained fatal injuries and died while being taken to the hospital by an ambulance that arrived 15 minutes later.

Kajendran has called for the immediate arrest of the two police constables, identified by their numbers PC 76512 and PC 71799, over Pratheepan’s death.

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