Covid -19 and the constitution

Covid 19 and the constitution

Basil Fernando Arundhati Roy, prominent writer and social activist in India has written several important articles in the recent few days on the problem of the spread of Covid and the vast numbers of deaths that are taking place in India. In an article written just a few days back, Arundhati Roy directly addresses the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi and points to the fact that the Covid crisis in India is a problem of governance in India. System of governance have failed and it is now threatening the…

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“Don’t try to act macho”- Magistrate warns activist; Impartiality of the Magistrate questioned

Colombo Additional Magistrate Mrs. Rajindra Jayasuriya has reprimanded the youth who encouraged fellow citizens to honk vehicle horns in protest of stopping vehicles in order to let elite personnel pass. When the youth was produced in court, Mrs. Jayasuriya had told him to not to act macho. “Don’t try to act macho. Behaving like lunatics for everything,” she has said. Drivers, who were encouraged by the youth, objected by sounding vehicle horns protesting the stopping traffic on the main road by the police for a VIP convoy to pass following.…

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