Suriyarachchige Lakshman de Silva and B.M.Ajantha Weerasinghe vs Patabendige Chaminda Edirisuriya and others SC.FR Application No:-09/2011

According to Petitioners on 10.08.2010 at about 12.45 a.m whilst the  Petitioners and their children were visiting relatives and when they were not at home , the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Respondents had visited the Petitioners’ residence in the 5th Respondents vehicle had forcibly
instructed the 1st Petitioner’s mother and nephew to allow them to search their house. Soon thereafter whilst still in their home, the 1st
Respondent telephoned the 2nd Petitioner and ordered her to bring her husband to Kiribathgoda Police Station immediately. Due to the abusive language, and threatening manner in which the 1st Respondent addressed the 2nd Petitioner, she informed the said Respondent that she would inform the 1st Petitioner to present himself to the Police Station on the following morning instead. After which the 1st Respondent
instructed the 2nd Petitioner to bring her husband the 1st Petitioner to the police station or to come with her children. Thereafter the
Respondents had left the Petitioners house.

”The state shall pay each Petitioner Rs.50,000/- as compensation and Rs 25,000/- as costs. I further direct 1st to 4th Respondents each personally to pay a sum of Rs. 25,000/- to the 2nd Petitioner and 2nd to 4th Respondents each to pay a sum of Rs.100,000/- to the 1st Petitioner as compensation. All payments to be made within 3 months from today. I direct the Registrar of the Supreme Court to send copies of this judgment to Hon. Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police for necessary investigations and action to be taken against the persons who perpetrated torture.

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