The petitioner had an unblemished record of 25 years of service at the Bank of
Ceylon. She was fully qualified and had received special training in Banking Law
and practice and allied subjects in London, Italy and Singapore. She was the
Chief Legal Office of the Bank from 1.11.88 during which period she had
enhanced the efficiency and streamlined the functions of the Legal Department.
As she was to reach the age of 55 years on 27.11.96 she applied to the Bank on
25.5.96 for an extention of service for an initial period of one year. Her application
was recommended by the Personnel Department in its draft Board Minute, under
exceptional circumstances. The Board of Directors took four months to decide on
the application and after lapse of a further month, the petitioner was informed on
22.10.96 that her application had been rejected and she would be retired from
27.11.96. Officers who were of a comparable grade had been granted extentions.
But she was refused for no reason. The Board failed to submit to Court its
decision. The Chairman of the Bank stated in his affidavit that the refusal to
extend her services was done bona fide and unanimously after a careful
evaluation of her application and the need of the Bank to increase the efficiency
of its Legal Department.

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