Sri Lankan tortured man describes his experience

Sri Lankan police officer harassing a man

The Sri Lankan driver who was brutally flung down and pounded jumping on his body in public by a police officer described his harrowing experience to the media.

Link to the story: Sri Lankan traffic police officer harasses a man in public

The victim, Kalaimagan Praveen was brutally assaulted by a police officer on the High-Level road at Pannipitiya on June 29. He said that he had driven the lorry from 1 a.m. from Bandarawela. He fell asleep while driving in the traffic and hit one police officer who was on traffic duty in the middle of the road.

“Another police officer dragged me out of the driving seat when I stopped the vehicle and assaulted me tearing my shirt,” the driver said.

Another person in civvies had also assaulted him before the police officer flung him down and jumped on his body, he said.

The victim further said that the torturing police officer had called him ‘Demala’, a derogatory term used by some persons in terms of Tamil persons.

The victim is a resident of Haputale.

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