Released Remand Prisoner Abducted and Assassinated in Sri Lanka

Uru Juva

Mabulage Dinith Melan aka Uru Juva was freed from Angunakolopelessa remand prison on 10th May after being held for about five years for criminal cases. Sri Lanka police arrested and killed him on May 11th.

Police said to Lankadeepa newspaper that they had gone to the prison to arrest the suspect but he escaped. However, Nawagamuwa Police arrested him more than 100 kilometres away at Biyagama in Gampaha district when he was dining in an eatery.

Later, he was killed in a house at Wanduramula. Police says he directed police to arrest a locally-produced revolver, nine hand grenades, ammunition and knives.

Police says that they shot the suspect when he tried to attack them with a hand grenade. Mabulage Dinith Melan succumbed to his injuries on admission to the Nawagamuwa Hospital. The suspect was 27 years old by the time of his death.

Lankadeepa newspaper reported in the second paragraph of the story on the death that an unnamed police officer told to them that the people in the areas of Navagamuwa, Dedigamuwa and Wanduramulla areas had lit firecrackers to celebrate the death of this man.

According to police and media, Mabulage Dinith Melan aka Uru Juva was a criminal leader who had run his gang from the prison.

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