Man Alleges Police Brutality and Coercion in Drug-Related Arrest

In a shocking turn of events, Ranawila Arachchilage Shanaka Chaminda, a 33-year-old resident of Hokandara, has come forward with allegations of severe police brutality and coercion during his recent arrest by the Malabe police.

According to Shanaka Chaminda, his ordeal began when his brother-in-law, Lasantha Madhushanka, was released from prison after serving time on drug charges. Lasantha Madhushanka, after his release, found himself back behind bars without any charges laid against him for an entire year. This incident led Lasantha Madhushanka to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

In the wake of these grievances, Shanaka Chaminda claimed that he faced ongoing pressure from the police, which eventually forced him to go into hiding. On September 17, the Malabe police arrested him at his residence.

Upon his arrest, the police conducted a search of Shanaka Chaminda’s house, during which they purportedly discovered a parcel of drugs. Subsequently, the police allegedly pressured him to make a statement, implicating Lasantha Madhushanka in hiding the drug parcel in his home. However, Shanaka Chaminda steadfastly refused to provide such a statement.

It was at this point that the situation took a gruesome turn. Shanaka Chaminda alleges that the police subjected him to continuous physical abuse in an attempt to force him into submission. As a result of the alleged assault, his left leg was severely damaged, leaving him in agonizing pain.

Following the incident, Shanaka Chaminda was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for medical treatment. It was there that the police officers reportedly threatened him, coercing him into falsely claiming that he had fallen down a flight of stairs and broken his leg, rather than disclosing the alleged police assault. The police warned him of dire consequences if he failed to comply with their demands.

The situation took a concerning turn as the police arranged for Shanaka Chaminda to be granted bail after leaving the hospital. Subsequently, Shanaka Chaminda decided to report his ordeal to the Human Rights Commission and the Police Headquarters, seeking justice and accountability.

Upon the advice of these authorities, he returned to the hospital and admitted that his injuries were the result of an accident caused by police assault. The case is currently under investigation, and authorities are looking into the claims of brutality and coercion made by Shanaka Chaminda.

This case has raised questions about the conduct of the Malabe police, and there is growing concern within the community regarding the treatment of individuals in police custody. The Human Rights Commission and the Police Headquarters have both expressed their commitment to conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations and ensuring that justice is served.

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