Lama Hewage Lal DECEASED 1. Wewalage Rani Fernando (wife of the deceased) 2. Lama Hewage Janaka, 3. Lama Hewage Sampath 4. Lama Hewage Malsha Nadeeshani (Minor children of the deceased, appearing through their mother) Wewalage Rani Fernando (Guardian an-Litem) All of No. 90/1, Medawatte, Seeduwa South, Seeduwa PETITIONERS vs. 1. Officer – in – Charge, Minor Offences, Seeduwa Police Station, Seeduwa. 2. Officer – in –Charge, Police Station, Seeduwa. 3. Ratnayake, Officer – in – Charge, Negombo Prison, Negombo. 4. The Chief Jailer, Negombo Prison, Negombo. 5. Superintendent of Prison, Negombo Prison, Negombo. 6. Inspector of General of Police, Police Head Quarters, Colombo-1 7. Commissioner General of Prison, |

This is an application filed by the wife and three minor children of one Lama
Hewage Lal who was arrested by the officials of the Seeduwa Police Station.
Subsequently he had died whilst in the custody of the Negombo Prison
Officials. The Petitioners alleged that the said Lama Hewage Lal (hereinafter
referred to as the deceased) died as a result of torture while in detention and
therefore at a time when he was deprived of his personal liberty. They have
prayed for a declaration that the deceased’s fundamental rights guaranteed by
Article 11, 12(1), 13(2), 13(4) and 17 of the Constitution have been violated.
The Petitioners have also claimed compensation the deceased would have
received, if not for his death, which according to the Petitioners, occurred due
to the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment meted out to him by the prison
officials in whose custody he was kept.

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