Gunawardena vs Perera and Others S.C. APPLICATION NO.20/83.

The petitioner who are the Gunawardena  and others are going to passed the Kollupitiya police station with caring the banner. the policeman who came in suddenly and  take the banner. The photographer who is going  on road  and take the photo. after he was arrested by police. the petitioner and other go to police station for take off him. and  after petitioner who is Gunawardena and others were subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by policeman.

The judgement was the petitioner and others arrested in unlawful and contravened Article 13(1) of the Constitution. The State is liable for
the infringement. Therefore court is  ordered the State to pay Rs. 2500/- as compensation to the petitioner.

full judgement here,


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