Family in Vasanthapuram Village Alleges Threats and Gunfire by Adampan Police; Seeks Protection

Vasanthapuram, Mannar Guru: In a disturbing incident reported to the Mannar Human Rights Commission, a family residing in Vasanthapuram village has accused the police at Adampan police station of threats and gunfire, claiming their lives are in jeopardy. Y. Sakhayarani, a mother of four from Vattakandal, Vasanthapuram, Guruvil, submitted a formal complaint to the commission, along with copies sent to the Mannar Senior Superintendent of Police and the Mannar District Socio-Economic Development Agency.

According to Sakhayarani, the ordeal began on the evening of the 1st of December, when three plainclothes policemen visited her home searching for her husband. Allegedly using inappropriate language, they harassed the family, even planting ganja in her son’s pocket, threatening arrest. The situation escalated on the 2nd of December, as the police returned, attempting to handcuff Sakhayarani’s husband and firing a gun, narrowly missing the family.

The following day, uniformed and plainclothes officers, along with additional individuals, vandalized the family’s home, interrogating bystanders until midday. Fearful for their safety, the family refrained from returning home, impacting the children’s attendance at school and work.

The family’s plea for safety highlights a series of incidents involving the Adampan police station, prompting concerns about police conduct and the need for immediate intervention to protect the affected family. The Mannar Human Rights Commission is expected to investigate the matter thoroughly.

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