C. A. Piyadasa vs Mahinda Balasooriya S.C. (FR) No.629/2010

The Petitioner alleges that in the early hours of 15th October, 2010 he opened the door of his residence in response to a sound of someone knocking at the door and had seen three persons outside his door and one had inquired whether he is “Podiputha Mudalali”. When he answered in the affirmative they had introduced themselves as officers from the Matugama Police. Having ordered the Petitioner to get into a three-wheeler, he had been driven some distance and ordered that he get off the vehicle. The Petitioner alleges that no
sooner he got off the three-wheeler; he was kicked and assaulted by the 2nd Respondent, who had demanded the Petitioner to surrender a firearm, that the 2nd Respondent alleged, was in the possession of the Petitioner. Thereafter the Petitioner had been again driven in the three-wheeler to another location where he saw Muniandi Shankar, a person known to the Petitioner,,

”I direct the State to pay the Petitioner a sum of Rs.15, 000/- as compensation and a sum of Rs.10, 000/- as costs. I further direct the 2nd Respondent to pay a sum of Rs.20, 000/- as compensation to the Petitioner”.

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