ATA paves the way to label citizens as terrorists – Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda

Professor Emeritus Jayadeva Uyangoda warned that the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill paves the way to label common citizens and terrorists.

Addressing an online forum, he said that in order to implement the IMF program to solve the country’s economic crisis, the government has placed the burden on the poor and vulnerable, working class, and the middle class.

“That will lead to a serious social issue in the country. The ruling elite are aware that this will lead to a social issue. They are now preparing for that. One preparatory measure is the introduction of this bill,” he pointed out.

He said the ruling faction will now want to suppress the protests and demonstration that would be launched by the people, and one of the undemocratic ways that the government will introduce to crack down on dissent is the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

He said the Anti-Terrorism Bill will pave the way to label the citizens as terrorists.



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