Arshan Rajinikanth vs Officer in Charge Bulathsinhala Police Station and others SC/FR Application No:-194/2012

The Petitioner who was 22 years at the time of the incident worked as a three wheeler driver. The Petitioner states that on 13th October 2011 at about 9.30 a.m three individuals by the names of Roshan, Selvanayagam and Raja arrived on a motor bicycle at the Petitioner’s residence and informed the Petitioner that he was wanted by the police. The Petitioner recognized these individuals as they lived in the same area. The two individuals named Roshan and Selvanayagam got the Petitioner on to the motor bicycle and took the Petitioner to the Bulathsinhala police station. On the way to the police station Selvanayagam accused the Petitioner of being involved in the alleged murder of a girl named Niroshini in the same area who was found dead. The Petitioner states that he had an affair with the said girl named Niroshini for some time and that in June 2011 it ended and he refuted all the allegations of having any involvement in the death of the said Niroshini.

This application is accordingly dismissed, but in all the circumstances of this case without costs.

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