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Sri Lankan Collective Against Torture (SLCAT) is a collaboration between organizations and individuals engaged in addressing the issue of torture and connected issues faced by victims of torture and their families in Sri Lanka. The Collective was initiated in 2009 and currently consists of 27 organizations engaged in national and local level activities, and … individuals. The membership represents Districts in Sri Lanka.

The Collective currently functions in the following capacities

a.     Framing public discourse on the issues of torture (social media, print and other media, press conferences, statements and awareness-raising programs)

b.     Engaging with State agencies to address individual incidents and state policy and practice on the issue of torture

c.     Monitoring, documenting and reporting on torture in Sri Lanka

d.     Advocating best practice on behalf of victims and families of victims of torture

Since its inception, the Collective has submitted shadow reports to the United Nations Committee Against Torture in 2011 and 2016. The Collective has also engaged in following up on the recommendations made by the UN Committee Against Torture.

Right to Life Human Rights Center (Click to enter Right to Life website) facilitates the activities of the Collective. Right to Life was established in 2002 with the primary purpose of responding to the issue of torture and state violence in Sri Lanka.


Zero Tolerance Torture


Strengthening torture prevention mechanisms and create awareness among general public on torture and extra judicial killings, aiming to ensure justice through legal support, advocacy, campaigns)


  • Cater Torture issues in Sri Lanka through taking legal remedies
  • Awareness raising on the gravity of torture to general public
  • Advocacy Campaign – Give needed media publicity
  • Reporting to UNCAT on Torture issues in Sri Lanka
  • Regular Discussions with Ministries and Independent Institutions/Commissions
  • Regular Research on torture related issues and incidents
  • Working against Prison torture

Members List

Sri Lankan Collective Against Torture (SLCAT) is a collective of 27 Sri Lankan organizations and many groups, academics, experts, activists and volunteers against torture.

Organization Name URL Hot line Email address
1. Asian Human Rights Commission http://www.humanrights.asia/ 85226986367 [email protected]
2. Anuradhapura Citizen’s Committee +94768182357
3. Center for Policy Alternatives https://www.cpalanka.org/ +94 11 2081384, +94 11 2081385, +94 11 2081386, 011 5552746, 011 5552748 [email protected]
4. Center for Human Rights and Development https://srilankachrd.org/ (+94) 11 250 6001 [email protected]
5. Center for People’s Dialogue +940777275171 [email protected]
6. Dabindu Collective https://www.dabinducollective.org/ 94114851383 [email protected]
7. Family Rehabilitation Centre https://www.frcsl.org/ 942580166 [email protected]
8. Families of the Disappeared 94 [email protected]
9. Human Rights Office Kandy https://www.humanrightsofficekandy.org/ +94 812424511 [email protected]
10. Human Rights First Aid Center – Hambanthota +940769692424 [email protected]
11. Human Rights Shelter +94 0777883741 [email protected]
12. INFORM Human Rights Documentation Center https://www.inform.lk/ [email protected], [email protected]
13. IMADR – International Movement Against All form of Discriminations and Racism https://imadr.org/ [email protected]
14. Law and Society Trust https://lstlanka.org/ 94 11 2684845, 94 11 2691228, 94 11 2684853 [email protected]
15. National Collaboration Development Foundation +940773870596 [email protected]
16. National Peace Council https://www.peace-srilanka.org/ 94112818344 [email protected]
17. National Fisheries Solidarity https://www.nafso-online.org/ 031 223 9750  [email protected]
18. Right to Life Human Rights Centre http://www.right2lifelanka.org/ 94112669100 [email protected]
19. Red Flag Front +94 77883730 [email protected]
20. Rights Now Collective for Democracy https://www.rightsnow.net/ 94112882376 [email protected]
21. Rural Women’s Front 94912231886 [email protected]
22. Rule of Law Forum https://www.rolplatform.org/rule-of-law/ [email protected]
23. Samadana-m http://www.samadana-m.org/ [email protected]
24. Suya Shakthi Foundation +9477 5670137 [email protected]
25. Uva Shakthi Foundation +9476 8692424 [email protected]
26. Uva welassa Women’s Centre https://www.goodmarket.global/uwwo [email protected]
27. Women Centre http://www.womenscentresrilanka.org/ 9.40112E+11 [email protected]

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