A suspect has died in police custody in Batticaloa

A suspect arrested by the Batticaloa Police has died in police custody yesterday (03). The deceased has been identified as Chandran Vidushan (21), a resident of Irudayampura, Batticaloa. He was arrested by the Batticaloa Police at night on 2nd June over a tip received by the Batticaloa Police that he was selling cannabis.

According to Vidushan’s relatives, the police arrived at around 10.30 pm and searched the whole house while he was handcuffed and tied to a tree. Though nothing was found there, the police has arrested him and taken him to the Batticaloa police station.

“We were told not to come to the police. But in the morning police informed us about his death. Apparently his head and neck has been injured.” they said. Meanwhile, Vidushan’s mother says that her son was handcuffed and beaten by police for about an hour. She believes her son may have died as a result of police torture.

Batticaloa Magistrate Karupaiya Selvarani has ordered the Batticaloa Police to withdraw from the investigation of Vidushan’s death and hand it over to the Eravur Police.

Although the travel restrictions were strictly enforced Residents of Batticaloa have started gathering at Vidushan’s house following the incident.

Also Batticaloa Police says that he had died due to swallowing cannabis while in custody. However, no definite conclusion has been reached regarding this death yet.

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