A drunken police constable assaults two 16-year-old students.

An incident of a police constable of the Hambantota Port Police has assaulted two students of a technical college on the road has reported to the Aithiya website.

The victim was identified as Pahasara Sudusinghe, 16 years old, a resident of Godawaya, Hambantota. On the 5th July this student was participated at shramadana campaign at the Mirijjawila Technical Training College. At around 5.00 pm when he was on the way to return home with a friend, a constable in Hambantota Port Police and another person who arrived on a motorbike have beaten them. The drunken officer, who was in civilian clothes approached the student and threatened to remove their masks before hit them. But they denied removing the masks. Renuka, Pahesara’s mother, said that they had been severely beaten by officer who was furious.

The constable who was beaten students, identified as Police Constable Kasun Tharanga. Soon after they returned to home the parents of the two students’ had immediately gone to the Hambantota Port Police to lodge a complaint. The two students have been admitted to the Hambantota Hospital as the police officer who was on duty at the time had instructed them to take the children to the hospital immediately before lodge the complaint.

Pahasara was admitted at ward 06 and Pahasara’s mother said that he had swollen neck, scratched fingerprints on his neck, swollen cheeks and jaw and also severe pain and swollen chest. Pahasara was discharged from the hospital yesterday (08) after receiving treatment. He is currently wearing a collar as per the instructions of the doctors. The Hambantota Port Police obtained a statement from him yesterday.

Earlier, a resident of Udabaragama area, SRG Sagara is being investigated by the National Police Commission under NPC / PCID / SOU / HA / 31/2019 for assaulting a person. It is also said that there is a case in the Human Rights Commission and in the court.

The National Police Commission is conducting an investigation against Kasun Tharanga, the accused police officer, under the number NPC / PCID / SOU / HA / 31/2019 for assaulting a person named Sagara, a resident of Udabaragama prior to this. It is also said that there is a case filed in the Human Rights Commission and in the court.

Moreover, this is the second attack on a civilian by Hambantota police in about a month. Pahesara’s parents have lodged a complaint with the Hambantota Assistant Superintendent of Police and the Hambantota Right to Life Human Rights Center.


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