A collection of documents on THE IMPEACHMENT MOTION AGAINST SHIRANI BANDARANAYAKE Chief Justice Of Sri Lanka by Asian Human Rights Commission

To all persons whose support is solicited An impeachment motion has been filed by 117 Members of Parliament who are
members of the ruling alliance against the Chief Justice, Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake.The background to the filing was some judgements given by the Supreme Court bench of which the Chief Justice was the head declaring some bills submitted to them by the government were in conflict with the Constitution. These judgements have been seen by almost everyone as the reason behind the impeachment.The lawyers for the Chief Justice have already issued a letter where the Chief Justice has denied the charges.

The provisions under the Constitution and the Standing Orders do not provide for a just and a fair inquiry by an impartial tribunal. This is the crux of the objections taken against the impeachment process.

The UN Rapporteur for the independence of lawyers and judges and many international authorities have expressed serious concern about the impeachment issue and requested the government to reconsider the matter.

This book consists of all these basic documents which will provide a comprehensive understanding of the matters involved in this discussion.
We hope you will give your support to this effort which is taken with the view to defend the independence of the judiciary and also the democracy which is under serious threat due to the executive president attempting to take all power into his hands.

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